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The premature loss of primary teeth due to caries, infection, trauma, or crowding may lead to loss of space where teeth erupt. This can produce or increase the severity of  poor tooth alignment. 

Whenever possible, restoration of carious primary teeth will be attempted to avoid malocclusions that could result from their extraction. In cases where teeth are non-restorable, extractions are the treatment of choice to eliminate infection, pain and damage to the developing occlusion. The use of space maintainers should be considered. There are risks to the use of space maintenance and some include: dislodged, broken, and lost appliances; plaque accumulation; scores; caries; and pain. Proper patient selection and patient / parent engagement will ensure that space maintainers are beneficial to dental development.  If your child requires extractions, feel free to discuss your child’s space maintainer options with Dr. Apata.

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