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Stainless Steel Crowns (SSC), are pre-made crown forms that are adapted to individual teeth and cemented with a biocompatible luting agent. SSCs have been indicated for the restoration of primary and permanent teeth with extensive caries, cervical decalcification, or developmental defects, when failure of other available restorative materials is likely (patients with bruxism), following pulpotomy or pulpectomy, for restoring a primary tooth that is to be used as an abutment for a space maintainer, for the intermediate restoration of fractured teeth, and for definitive restorative treatment for high caries-risk children. They are used more frequently in patients who exhibit high caries risk and whose treatment is performed under sedation or general anesthesia.

Stainless Steel Crowns are extremely durable and have greater longevity than composite and amalgam restorations. Instructions for maintenance include good oral hygiene and avoidance of sticky foods. If they ever become dislodged, they can be recemented, so please keep them with you. Please talk to Dr. Apata about your questions and concerns with Stainless Steel Crowns.  Other treatment options are always considered.

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